When life gives you lemons

One of the easiest and most practical fruit trees to grow is a lemon. If you have space for just one thing then this should be it!

There’s a wide variety to choose from but my all-around favourite is the Meyer lemon. It can be used for sweet or savoury dishes, has a thin rind and lots of juice. If you’re a lemon tart fan then this is the pièce de résistance. It’s a cross between a citron (one of the earliest breeds of citrus fruits) and a mandarin making it much sweeter than most other lemon varieties therefore perfect for deserts, yum!

The rind is so richly yellow in colour that it makes a beautiful, bright yellow and flavoursome tea. You can either grate it into a tea infuser and use it straight away or use a peeler and dry it out for a multitude of uses later. Pour boiling water over the tea infuser filled with grated or peeled rind, throw in some Moroccan mint and relax. 

*if you happen to get your hands on some wild strawberries this is an amazing addition…..wild strawberry and Meyer lemon tea…..Yum!