Fresh Chamomile Tea

Have you ever drunk chamomile tea? Most of you I’m sure would answer yes! It’s relaxing soothing benefits are well known and many of us reach for a chamomile tea when our nerves are a little frayed. Admittedly I’ve swished down lots of store-bought tea but until recently had never sipped on freshly picked chamomile flowers.

Wow! What a revelation! 

Unlike the dried, slightly bitter rather tasteless version we are all so accustomed to this was sweet with a green apple herbaceousness to it! Delicious! And as for its effectiveness…..I found myself unexpectedly snoozing on the couch! Chalk and cheese really. 

Chamomile flowers are also amazingly easy to grow too! You can either sew them into pots and keep them on the window sill or sew directly into the ground. You’ll soon have an abundance of these sweet little white flowers to throw into salads, ready to go for that relaxing cuppa or freeze into ice blocks for a beautiful addition to your favourite chilled beverage!